Yuri Smirnoff

Yuri Smirnoff, was a leading expert in optimization and artificial intelligence. Following Yuri's profound contributions to the field, Natalia upholds the mission of AI Leap Inc. to harness AI to create transformative solutions for businesses. Yuri's remarkable journey saw him making significant impacts at tech giants like Facebook and Yahoo, where he led advancements in AI and optimization, contributing to areas such as multi-layer capacity planning, data center optimization, and programmatic ad buying. With patents in dynamic exchange and manufacturing process modeling, Yuri's work laid the foundation for AI Leap Inc.'s cutting-edge approach to AI-driven business solutions.

Yuri's academic achievements, including a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Operations Research from Carnegie Mellon University, alongside his role as an Adjunct Professor, underscore his commitment to applying deep academic knowledge to practical challenges. Natalia, embodying this legacy, continues to drive AI Leap Inc. forward, marrying visionary technological advancements with practical business applications to empower companies worldwide. AI Leap Inc., under Natalia's stewardship, remains at the vanguard of applying artificial intelligence to revolutionize how businesses operate, innovate, and grow in an increasingly digital world.

Yuri Smirnoff Expert at AI and optimization in health care